LG G8X ThinQ – Specifications

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LG G8X ThinQ with Updated Dual Screen

LG published two smartphones at MWC 2019, the V50 ThinQ and the G8 ThinQ. In addition to central equipment, the South Korean company V-Series has offered a unique accessory for its dual-screen flagship. Now, LG announced in continuing IFA 2019 that it had upgraded its G8 ThinQ into LG G8X ThinQ format. But what was noticeable was the updated dual display with the handset. Thus, let’s catch a keen survey at the innovative G8X ThinQ and its twofold show.

128GB Storage, and 32-MP Front Camera

Dual Screen device (Tailor-made)

  • For the innovative Dual Screen “LG G8X ThinQ” is tailor-made. It has the same display size as on the inside of the add-on, which is 6.4-inch. It furthermore has 128GB of internal storing as well as RAM of 6GB.
  • Both the screens use similar exact FullVision panel of OLED + FHD (1,080×2, 340/403ppi). The LG G8X ThinQ, further than the display, comes power-driven by Snapdragon processor 855. Its monochrome panel (2.1-inch) lets you check the notifications and time quickly even without the mobile opening.
  • In this handset, an in-screen fingerprint instrument is implemented by LG. This feature makes to unlock the device much easier when attached to the Dual Screen. This dual display features a 360-degree hinge that fits under the back of the phone.

Small compromised camera focus

  • LG G8X ThinQ has a 32-megapixel front sensor which features LG’s “Reflector Mode.” LG claims that it will help to keep forward-facing shots flawless without losing clarity.
  • G8X ThinQ features a dual-camera system on the backside. One with a 13-megapixel wide-angle sensor and that is more suited to photography. The other camera has a 12-megapixel primary sensor.
  • You can get LG new camera tips on software like the LG Steady Cam, AI action shot, and 4K time-lapse.

A versatile device to get the rest of the features

  • Most of the specifications are not new, yet it is a handy device for construction. In addition to the Snapdragon 855 processor mentioned above, there is a 4,000mAh battery. It further has a feature of Quick charge that charges the phone in very less time.
  • Along with huge internal memory, it supports up to 2TB microSD cards. LG G8X ThinQ works on 9.0 Pie Android.
  • Two speakers (1.2W) deliver excellent and bold stereo sound. The Hi-Fi Quad DAC (32-bit), regulated by Meridian Audio, advances to make LG a benchmark for outstanding smartphone sound.
  • LG made the device waterproof to IP68 rating in the event of an accident. The phone will be Aurora Black in a color that matches the new dual display color.
  • When a dual display is connected, it can operate two applications on the G8X ThinQ. It can be two separate websites or something more detailed, for example, a video player and a game. You are even able to turn your phone into a mini laptop. You can do it by picking the keyboard on one screen and other applications on another screen.

The LG G8X ThinQ will be dispatch by LG at the end of this year. Prices and particular store availability will be published shortly near releasing.

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