How to Upload Video on Twitter?

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Undoubtedly every third person is using social media, and social media is all about posts, photos, audios, and videos, etc. Twitter is the most commanding social media site today, and uploading videos on twitter is fully thriving.

Twitter was introduced in the year 2006, and at that time, it was a limited form of social media company. All this company was depended on media posts, tweets (which contained 140 characters anyhow”)

After 11 years (in autumn 2017), this company has made a decision that each tweet/post will have doubled characters 280. Few people appreciated that verdict, but unfortunately, reading long tweets and posts were seemed time taking, and the majority doesn’t like it more.

Well, after short tweets, the second popular thing on twitter is uploading a video. You cannot upload a lengthy video but with limited content.

Even it allows you to record yourself, and you may share a long message as a video tweet in a brief post. It is all upon you that how much you increase your video content to share. Not only your recorded videos, but twitter has a place for YouTube embedded video also (by pasting video URLs simply.)

Nevertheless, without getting late, let us dig some deeper to know about “How to post a video on twitter?”

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Note: Here, I have described two proper methods for uploading a video on twitter, such as; uploading videos from PC and uploading videos from mobile.

Uploading a Video from Computer:

Using a social media site on a computer is more fascinating than a mobile. If you are a computer operator like me, then why would we don’t use twitter on it? Anyway, videos are always on priority on social media. Take a look and I’m pretty sure bellow shortest steps will make you know about uploading a video on twitter!

  1. At first, open your browser at your computer; whatever you have (Google Chrome/Firefox/Mozilla, etc.)
  2. Open and login your twitter account.
  3. Look at your profile photo; there is an option of “what’s happening.” This bar is all about composing a tweet.
  4. At the bottom of this page, look at the left side; there is a popup tweet window. Look well, and see another icon same a couple of mountains – windows. Click it and have “add photos or videos.” (Wait if you have not still updated your window then this mountain type icon would be plain anyway)
  5. Now type “Add a video” and go to any of the computer drives to select your desired video to upload.
  6. After selecting a video, now write whatever you want to write along with video and press “tweet.”

Look how simple it was! Next time you will never get any confusion for uploading a video on twitter. Just make an awesome video on your desktop to tweet to all of your followers.

Uploading a Video from a Mobile Phone:

I must say using mobile is easier than computers, and today mobiles are mostly used for social media sites. No problem if you are also addicted to your mobile phone. Come on; let us know something interesting about twitter (uploading a video.)

  1. Open your Twitter app on mobile, and login your twitter Id. Look at the “quill icon,” which is present at the left side corner of your twitter screen. Make sure by pressing this icon you will compose a tweet.
  2. Next page, look at the mountainous window icon at the bottom of your screen’s left side.
  3. Now it is all as per you that you are going to record your video or you are going to pick any other video from your phone.
  4. For uploading video, you have to enable twitter app access to your phone camera or gallery. No problem, this is very simple to enable. (Just go to your phone setting and say yes to the video-sharing to twitter tab.)
  5. Anyways it is time to add some text beside the video and simply press “tweet.”

This is the simplest way to upload your video on twitter through mobile phones. Please do it now and happy uploading.

Embedding a YouTube Video as a Tweet:

  1. It is not necessary that our tweeter video should be our personal. Infect Twitter allows you great ease for sharing your favorite videos from another site like YouTube etc. if you want to know how? Then look bellow!
  2. At first, choose your desired video and copy the URL of the video from a different platform.
  3. Now open your tweet composition window and paste that video URL simply. Before pasting, please conceptualize the accurate character limit that tweeter asks for. (Make sure that twitter will not accept the incomplete link.)
  4. Now add some words of your beside the video link and “hit tweet.”

My dear, within a few seconds, you may convey your message in a visual form on twitter. I must say pasting a URL is much easier than sharing or uploading a video; also yes, this video embedding procedure is the same for computer and mobile users.

Requirements for Posting a Video on Twitter:

As a proficient procedure, always demanding some requirements to be done! It is why twitter also requires some basic points to upload a video on it. Please don’t worry, we are still here! to address your twitter video uploading requirements.

Bellow points are enough to fulfill video uploading requirements because these are all obtained by an official twitter FAQ:

  • The Twitter video size limit is 512 MB (async)/15 MB (sync)
  • The minimum resolution of the video is 32 x 32 and the maximum is 1920 x 1200 and 1200 x 1900.
  • Videos aspect ratios: 1:2.39 – 2.39:1
  • 40 fps is a maximum frame rate for Twitter videos.
  • The maximum bitrate is 25 Mbps.
  • You can upload videos in MOV and MP4 formats from your mobile devices.
  • Twitter allows its users to upload a minimum of 0.5 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes 20 seconds video.
  • Twitter supports these web video formats: Upload MP4 video, the format should be H264 and Audio format AAC.
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