How to save Gifs from Twitter?

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Before starting this short but informative article, let’s know about GIFs.

Introduction of Gifs:

GIF stands for graphics interchange formats. In common language, I must say a GIF is a two seconded video or an animated picture without any sound. In social media, GIFs are used for expressing particular reactions.

Before 2012 GIFs were only moving items, including; random buttons and dancing emojis. Say thanks to web designers who made GIFs more fashioned and real.

GIFs on Twitter:

Undoubtedly, Twitter is on the top in the race of social media sites so; GIFs are most popular on it. Well, on twitter, if someone wants to share his feeling as a dancing move, then GIF is the best option to send.

Twitter gives you multiple categories for GIFs, including; happy dance, Mic Drop, or YOLO. According to history, in recent years, more than 100 million GIFs were shared on twitter. People send GIFs in order to share their feelings, expressing moods, and for many purposes.

Well, saving multi categorized GIFs on twitter could be interesting. Come on, let see how we can save GIFs from Twitter.

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How to save a GIF from Twitter:

By comparing desktops or laptops, twitter is being more used on android mobiles and iPhones. By keeping this fact ahead, I have decided to share saving/downloading a GIF from twitter on both android/iPhones. So, without letting you bored, let us start!

Saving GIFs on iPhones:

If you are an iPhone user, then the “GIFwrapped app” is the only way through you may save your favorite GIF. This one is absolutely free to use, but it can be upgraded by paying a small fee. An upgraded version of the “GIFwrapped app” will give you the best results without ads and more customized options.

At the first download this app and then;

  • Navigate to your favorite twitter GIF.
  • Go down by arrow and look at the top right corner of your tweet.
  • Choose the “Share tweet VIA” and press “copy link to the tweet.
  • Now open your app GIFwrapped and go to the search tab.
  • Copy your tweet URL and paste it in the (search bar) for search.
  • Look at GIF library, and your desired GIF is appearing; now click an arrow that is on the left of your screen to save it.
  • See you have a “share photo” option, tap it and then press “Save Image.”

That’s all by following this short procedure, and you can save your favorite twitter GIF on iPhone.

Save Twitter GIFs from android phones:

Same as iPhone, Android phones also need an app for saving twitter GIFs. The app which we have to download for android phones is named “Tweet2gif.” Android devices are quite reliable for saving twitter Gifs than iPhone.

Well, this one is an absolutely free app and available at Google play store. For saving twitter GIF, we will give our phone media access to this app; otherwise, it will not work.

  • Install it on your phone and then open the tweet that has your favorite GIF.
  • Now, look at the three connected dots on your screen (these dots are share button), click them wisely, and select the “Tweet2gif” app.
  • By clicking on this app, you will see the “download GIF” option; Press it and save your desired GIF in your gallery.


Not only your phone gallery, but you may change your GIF saving location by going into your phone setting. For settings, looks at the top of your screen, please.

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