How to Remove Followers on Twitter?

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Twitter is a social media website that allows you to have a considerable number of public for ordinary businesses, brands, organizations, etc. Simply we may consider it as a good variety source of digital marketing platform also.

Further, it offers you great communication chances with your customers. Within short tweets, you may convey your messages to the followers. Often politicians deliver their personal thoughts and decisions by tweeting.

Anyway, by growing your followers, you may increase your selling rate or even your popularity. Please do not worry if few followers give you the worst comments on your post or sending you spam messages that may hurt you? Keep in mind that all your followers are not real, but few could fake.


Twitter allows you to get rid of them all by removing from your follower list. No problem if you want to remove a lot of followers in one time because twitter offers you an appropriate way to remove these bad followers without any harm to your ID.

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Followers on Twitter:

Unless we are having our personal twitter accounts but, we are not much able to control our accounts appropriately. Anyone can follow our twitter ID without any permission.

Remember, every follower is not good while not bad, so you may get some negative response from some followers. It would be better for you to remove bad followers on twitter.

Certainly twitter users have not any official way to remove followers on an account, but you may cancel some selected followers who accessed twitter feed.

How to Remove Followers on Twitter? (Complete Guide):

On twitter, you may communicate with a great number of audiences globally. It is all about you and your personality that how much people start following you. It’s not important that every follower should be your fan, but many could be your opponent.

Making fake accounts and hacking IDs on twitter are very easy, so keep alert and never response negative hubbubs on your account. Anyway, let me share an authentic way to remove your undesirable followers from your account.

  1. At first, open your twitter account and tap your profile picture. This click will confirm your changes to your account and you will have all your account information, including your follower’s list.
  2. Look below! There is an option of “Followers” press it and get an idea who is following you indeed.
  3. Through this list, you may confirm your followers (which are going to be deleted.)
  4. Each follower is listed with the twitter profile. Look at the right side of each follower’s account; there are three dots given.
  5. Click these dots and have a drop-down menu; in this menu, you may decide further for direct contacting with your follower, or frequently you want to remove him/her.


This procedure will remain the same for mobile and desktop users.

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