How to Earn Money from Facebook: Free & Easy Ways

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Personally, I’m familiar with facebook, and from starting, I was always want to make money from facebook instead of its scrolling. After a lot of researches and experiments; finally, I have found some working ideas from facebook. These ideas wonderfully worked for me, and I have earned a handsome amount from Facebook.

It is my total negligence that I have stopped working on facebook and lost my customer chain. Well, it is all about me! Faithfully I want to share all my personal experiences with you and want to see you as a rich person.

Today I have brought Facebook = money type working ideas. By following these ideas (tricks), every jobless person can earn well by sitting at home. Make sure all these ideas will be the same for mobile and computer users.

You just have to read this article and make a plan for the future. I’m sure that by making some strategies, you will be settled on facebook very soon. So, fasten your mind belts and read with proper attention;

Create a Facebook Page in order to earn money

Do you know that a premier facebook page can make you milliner? By having growing likes and followers on your page, you may have a good amount of money.

Firstly make a page and then publicize it as much you can.

Once you get a lot of native likes, then you may use your page as a marketing source. Like by having thousands of followers on your page, you may publish any content to advertise. Your decent fans will like and share this advertisement, and this way, you may charge for this publicity.

Often people make a facebook fan page, and then they especially offer people to publish their short content on it. This type of publicity is known as digital media publicity. The brands and companies especially look forward to that type of page and offer them a huge amount instead of posting their contents.

Further, if you have a good number of facebook likes on your page, then you may simply sell this page. By selling your famous page, people will give you an overwhelming amount of money.


As every working procedure takes some time, you cannot earn money from facebook if you have only a few hundred likes. Make sure getting fans, likes, and shares are not easy. For this purpose, you will have to pay for your precious time.

Selling Products on Facebook:

Have you heard about it before? That your favorite social media site offers you to sell a lot of products now! It actually has an incredible feature for selling products on it.


  1. Firstly find an appropriate facebook page that is similar to your product category.
  2. Open the page and press the “green offer icon” next to the home option. By pressing this option, you will have a link box.
  3. Now enter the link of your selling product in the link box and add a coupon code to provide your product on discount.

For this link offering, you may add any of your e-commerce selling website links by attaching coupon code also. If the company understands your (offer) product, then it will surely buy or promote it. Otherwise, you may share this affiliate link in your fans page also.

Some of my paid links by affiliates sites are fully working. You may also choose and use, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and etc. All these sites are providing commissions on their earning.

Promoting offers on Facebook:

According to the survey, Facebook is the only social media website that is used globally, and it has an extreme number of its users. Despite of facebook why don’t you work smartly?

I mean that makes an attractive offer and promote it by facebook paid ads. If you don’t know that how facebook paid adds work.

Well, your offer must be sensible and attractive; for example, a 20% discount or buy 2 get 1 free type. Always try to offer better than your competitors. Believe me, guys! Facebook paid ads will surely work and you will increase a good number of your customers.

Additionally, if you are not affording paid ads, then some powerful pages and product promoters should be your next prior.

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Facebook Groups a Good Source of Earning Money Online:

Making facebook groups are easier than you thought. Firstly create a decent facebook group on a specific niche and then add 10k or more members in it. Try to make a well engaging and unique niche of your group, where give a decent atmosphere to all your members.

Time to time post in your group and make your all group mates busy in relevant questions, images polls, and blog posts, etc.

Further, by this group, you can provide paid surveys, show sponsored content, sell your own products, and do affiliate marketing.

Bottom lines:

Making money online is such a tricky task that has various turns. A lot of people prefer facebook, and my friends also do. Unluckily FB doesn’t permit organic promotions to unlimited fans. By having a limited number of fans, you can earn handsome money. Some of my own experienced genuine ideas I have shared above, please check “How to earn money from facebook” and make yourself wonder!

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