How to DM on twitter?

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Remember! DM stands for direct messaging!

Before starting the article, let me share a short story for which I have decided this topic.

The last day I was in public, and a person beside me was loud laughing. At the start, I was quite shocked, but later anxiously; I came to him asked for the reason for that laugh. Even his laughing was adorable and made me giggle.

Anyways the person told me about a tweet that he saw on twitter, and also he told me that he is new at this social site. After a while, he asked me how he can send a DM to a person that tweets.

Thanks to Twitter that gave us an easier way to DM another person. Well before telling you the proper method of “how to DM someone on twitter,” let me tell you some reality.

Daily, thousands of twitter users are sending DMs for having one-on-one chats outside of the public feed.

When you start sliding DMs, it means you call someone to chat with you and share tweets. Sending DMs can connect you with your potential clients, or even one-sided conversation can keep you in touch with your favorite celebrity.

Generally, a lot of people use twitter DMs for marketing purposes, and other side free people like you and me send DMs on twitter in order to make friends.

Tip: please Google that how twitter could be a market place?

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How to Send a Direct Message (DM) on Twitter:

It is acceptable that by using the @-ing username on twitter is meant for having a conversation in the feed of another person. Why don’t we choose a private and fast way to have conversed with that person?

Often twitter users send DM to their followers in order to make them welcome. Assured accounts can enlist twitter bot help as (DM accounts).

For the first open, the browser web or twitter app on your mobile. Look at the top of your web/bottom of your app; there is an option of sending messages. In this panel, all your last conversations are saved, and also it allows you to send another DM to another person.

Twitter web direct message
DM from Web
Twitter Dm App
DM from App

It’s all up to you that what you actually choose? New message option or previous conversation to endure. Your message will be shown immediately to that person who recently started following you. Otherwise, your message will be strained by a messages request box. The person who received your DM has the authority to reply either decline your message.

Majority professional accounts have changed their settings as private; means they do not receive a direct message from a person. This way, a customer can interact with them, but it’s their wish to reply to them instantly or not.

Twitter offers you to send one DM to multiple receptionists also. Now, if you want to invite your friends, then just go to the receipts list and choose your desired friends. By ticking, confirm your DM and tap “SEND TO ALL.”

Further, if you want to chat in the group, then select users and press next; twitter will give you a chat-box to converse with them all. Simply make a mind and start typing your message and press send – voila! Within a few words of starting, you may have your best friend on twitter.

Tweeting is different than DM; because in direct message, you may add links, photos, videos, and gifs without any limit of word count.

Tip: make an attractive DM and send it to your favorite person.

Anyways after sending a message, you will have a grey colored checkmark below your DM. This mark will show you that your DM has been successfully sent. When your recipient sees, then it will turn blue.

Look! How this is simple and interesting. Now make your mind for an unknown friend or brand and send them DM to connect with.

How to be professional for sending DMs on twitter?

After reading the above section, now you are able to send a DM on twitter. Now it is time to get an idea about professionalism. Let me give you an idea about communicating with business or customer care twitter account. This way, you can run your own professional profile on twitter.

For being professional, you have to follow a few strategies on twitter; that will insist your customer connect with your (product) brand anyhow.

Sending DMs to the New Followers:

Having a new follower on a business page is always being exciting; it encourages that you are on the right way. After joining your page, send a DM your new follower and make him welcomed. In this message, try to include (CTA) authentication and make him aware of your productivity.

I’m pretty sure that this type of behavior will inspire your followers and will keep him yours until you want.

Neat Dealing with Complaints:

This is a fact that we cannot make everyone happy. In social media marketing, we have a lot of chances to have complaints, either unsorted issues of customers. If you have a DM in your inbox, then try to respond fast and solve that issue gently.

Otherwise, if you have a complaint in public (mentioning your branding page), then give a response to this complaint in public. The positive response of yours will help you to regain public faith and undoubtedly this is a plus point for you.

Social Media Administration:

Near me, one of the bad things in social media marketing is to losing the faith of customers. Unfortunately, you may trail your customer with a lack of repose rate. For proper administration of a social media (twitter) page, I must recommend you install all related “social media management software.”

Therefore you will have all your follower’s tweets and messages on the top of your page and under your eye. Once you respond, your customer care rate will be rebuilt, and a follower will realize how caring you are!

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