How to Delete Messages on Facebook Messenger

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Hitting the “send button” gives you the same feeling as sinking in deep water. On Facebook messenger, you may convey your message easily by hitting the “send button,” but certain times; we do hurry and later feel sorry.

It is not necessary that every message receiver person should be good; he may have something wrong in his mind, or could not understand our feelings. Whatever! thanks to facebook that provides to you and me a great chance to delete our messages in different ways!

Have you any interest in knowing some deep? If yes then, please read below!

How to Delete Facebook Messages?

In front of me, each facebook user is familiar with Whatsapp, and yes, Whatsapp is all about sending and deleting messages.

Last year in October 2018, the company was announced to introduce an “Unsend” feature of facebook; later, it was appreciated by users. From till to today this feature has not arrived globally, but still available in few countries only.

Anyways here I’m going to share the complete procedure of deleting facebook messages for facebook lite full version users. Have a look!

Deleting Facebook Messages on Both Sides Procedure:

  • Open the message window from which, you want to delete messages.
  • Keep your finger for a while on the message that you want to delete.
  • In the next, you will have two removing options “remove for you” and “remove for everyone.”
  • Select “remove for everyone” and confirm your removal.
  • Next, you will see a tombstone type thread in the message by stating, “You removed a message.”

Look, buddy, we have done! Please don’t be serious about the tombstone word. Facebook gives you a lot of serious words to decide many times. Appearing of deleted messages on facebook is quite interesting for both person (sender and receiver.)

Don’t you worry? I think sending messages on social media sites are mostly look alike. Similar to the Whatsapp, your deleted messages will remain the same as “you removed a message” in your message window and for the next one, it will appear by your name. Just like “smith removed a message,” jerry removed a message.”

How to Delete Facebook Messenger Messages: “Remove for Everyone?”

For reading the topic, please pay attention here; otherwise, you will not get a sense. After all, bellow steps are such a visual guide that I have shared. Let me know you that deleting messages on facebook messenger for both sides is resemble as the deleting messages on facebook lite. For further information, please read continue!

As every message should be opened in a particular window that we want to delete so, open your message window (from which you want to delete messages.) Now select your desired message to delete and press the message for a while. This pressing is known as a long hold. Now you will see a highlighted image of the “remove message” with different emoji reactions.

Don’t lift the emoji and press the “remove” option, which you may see at the bottom of this same page.

No, Facebook will give you three particular choices for removing a message.

  1. “Remove for you,” it means the removing message will disappear on your message window, but still your receiver can see that message until he/she deleted.
  2. “Remove for everyone” by means your sent message will be deleted from both of your windows.
  3. The third one is “cancel” this option is only for them who press removal messages by mistake.

Make sure your purpose is to delete the message from both sides. However, select “remove for everyone.”

After pressing this option, now confirm that you are sure to delete a message. In terms of final confirmation, facebook sends a final notification of “remove the message permanently,” press it and vanish your unwanted sent message from both sides.

Can I Delete Other People’s Messages?

Sorry, my dear facebook only gives you a chance for deleting your own sent messages. Similar to you, the other person can remove a message from both of your sides, but why worry?

Still, you may have the right to deleting an undesired message of another person on your own. I mean, you may delete a message that is sent by someone else like; picture, emoji, or any abusive word.

Long hold that message and press “remove for you,” but make sure deleted message will still appear on the other’s feed.

How to Report a Deleted Facebook Message that was Abusive?

As the world has a variety of persons, some may respect you and could be serious, while few may harsh you with bad behavior. This same fact is applying on the internet, especially on social media sites.

On Facebook, when you receive any abusive/harassing message from a person, and after ten minutes, If he/she deletes it, then don’t worry. Still, we have an option to report (for that message.)

According to Chudnovsky’s suggestion:

“We need to make sure we don’t open up any new venues for bullying. We need to make sure people aren’t sending you bad messages and then removing them because if you report them and the messages aren’t there, we can’t do anything.”

Facebook is a calm and good featured social media site that has a good range of community guidelines. By reading these, you may get a proper idea for the harassment/abusive message polices.

Feeling sorry for you, I cannot explain all these policies here but, can suggest you open up facebook official site to get awareness. All these policies are fully featured for user’s security.

Simply facebook keeps all the data of deleted messages for a certain period, and later, it deletes all data. Let see how you can report?

For Reporting:

  • Open a profile that you want to report.
  • Look at the bottom of the cover photo; there are three lined dots ***. Click these dots and choose “find support or report profile.”
  • For feedback, press the option of “how this profile goes against our Community Standardsand send simply.
  • Your report wills all depend on that feedback because; facebook never takes all feedback seriously.

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