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The Secret to Get the Best Free Online Forum Software

There are numerous options to choose from when you need the best free forum software to create an online community. With such an overwhelming option, it is best to come up with facts that guide your choice. Other forum software stands out to be unique and essential when establishing your business's open source program.

Equally important, understand the process of creating a forum website and the best available free forum websites for users.

How to Build a Forum Website

Creating a forum website is relatively, very easy. It has defied the odds that were there and the hassle that businesses had to promote themselves. Currently, seamless discussion occurs on social media, and people can easily comment, like, or share content online. Now, a business can create a customer community to share information fast and conveniently.

As social media takes the highest toll, some forums resist the change and continue to succeed in their programs. It is easy to have active engagement with customers online using open source forums. Here are the steps to follow when you need to create your platform easily and reap several benefits.

  • Choose the best and most reliable location for your forum hosting.
  • Pick among the best software listed
  • Customize the forum structure.
  • Design a theme applicable to your forum.
  • Come up with user rules and regulations for the website.

Create engaging conversations with relevant discussion topics.

  • Share the forum on your website.
  • Create advertisements for the forum on every platform to get your customers.
  • Respond to all inquiries made by customers, and regulate the participation.

Best Forum Builders

There are a lot of options on the internet to use to create your website forum. You can jump start your online discussions quickly with these top forum builders. They include:


Mywebforum is one of the top rated online builder platform to create a free forum. You do not need any developer experience to build your online community. You can easily customize template and build a perfect website forum online.


  • Free SSL certificate
  • No Installation
  • SEO optimized
  • Free plan
  • You can use your own domain or our free sub-domain

Take a look video about this forum platform:

Start your perfect forum website today:


Wix is one of the best modern DIY website developers on the internet today. You can easily create a forum on the app using an integrated forum. You can use several customizing tools to create a unique forum to help you get more engaging discussions with your customers. The final project has a very high look with features to help you top your competition.

Wix has been operational since 2006 and now has over 125 million registered users. Take the opportunity now and use the platform for a perfect website forum. People continue to use it for creating quality websites.


  • Wix provides the best user experience.
  • It has an extensive range of features to help you customize your website.
  • It has artificial intelligence to help you get quality and do your work fast.
  • You will get a lot of templates to help you get started.


  • The free version does not provide all the features as in premium.
  • Spam messages may cause problems to the forums.
  • It may face technical problems.


It is the most popular and world-renowned for producing a content management system. With the system, you can create a forum website using a bbPress plugin. A message board is easily integrated with the WordPress specialized forum software.


  • Relatively easy to use, and you can use it directly from the sites on the desktop.
  • The setup is straightforward. You can do it alone, even when you are not tech-savvy.
  • Provides you with integrated CMS to get you to the central account with a step by step guide.


  • The free version is minimal.
  • Spam messages may cause problems to the forums.
  • May face technical problems.


Facebook Group

There are millions of Facebook subscribers, and you can use them to create a quality discussion forum. The Facebook group is the creative work of some co-thinkers who enable people to have discussions and quickly touch. Here, most people who join these forums have the same interests and objectives and can cover any topic.


  • It comes in various forms to help you get the highest number of engagements.
  • The search for information is so easy with this forum.
  • It unites users who have an interest in the same topic.


  • You have to encourage the participants.
  • Spam messages may cause problems to the forums.
  • It may face technical problems.
  • Complying with Facebook and regulations

Open source forum CMS is simple to help you create a perfect community for proper interaction. There is PHP integration for ease of use. Some of the services are automated to help you get your website fast and reliable. The PHP is available for all the named builders.


You may up your game with these new and convenient forum builders on the internet to create your online community. Create a simple and reliable community to help you achieve the best and high engagement with your clients.

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