50+ Top Social Media Sites (2019-2020)

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Before this article, I was only familiar with a few social media sites, but now I’m fully conversant with these 50+ social media platforms. Let us begin the page with;

Introduction of Social Media Sites:

Basically, social media sites are such types of online platform that makes us social. Through these, we can easily interact with the whole world. Majority social media sites are available as mobile apps also; mean these are fully convenient.

With a finger, you may scroll them and use their features. On social media, we may share different kinds of stuff, including videos, audios, ideas, Gifs, and many more. Well without getting you bore let me explain you further;

1. Facebook:

Facebook or Fb is basically a social networking platform that keeps you connected with the world. It requires an ID on which you may post anything like; pictures, videos, audios, files, links, events, maps, etc. whatever you want?

There is a system of being friends by sending friend requests. If you want to be a friend of any person, then he/she must have to approve your friend’s request. Once he accepts your request, then you will able to see, comment, like, and share his/her posts.

Facebook offers us live chat experience from another app of its “Facebook messenger.” On this, you may chat with anyone that you want, and in case of rude, you block easily. Facebook is providing you live video streaming; it means now to show your friends where ever you are (exclusively live from Facebook.)

2. Twitter:

Twitter is an admirable social media site that is mostly used by celebrities, brands, and politicians, etc. People stay here to get top trending topics of the world and get engaging relevancies for different purposes.

The last year 2018, twitter was measured with 326 million active users on a monthly basis. In the comparing of different social media sites, twitter is not much foremost. Twitter app is also available on which you may get touch the world’s controversies. According to the ratings, about 500 million users tweet in a day.

3. WhatsApp:

People always want to have something new and entertaining in their phones from where they can communicate also. By keeping this purpose ahead, WhatsApp was specially designed. This is a messaging app that is specially created for providing fun and communicative easiness.

Whatsapp requires only an authentic phone number to get online and internet connectivity. It can be used by a web browser by using QR code. Online status was introduced by WhatsApp firstly and later, other sites copied it. Today lots of social media sites are offering the same feature as their stories.

It offers you to send text messages, voice notes, audio files, documentations, pictures, videos, and many more. Whatsapp is getting more popular day by day, and this time 1.5 billion people are using WhatsApp throughout the world.

4. Instagram:

Instagram is one and only glamorous social media site which offers photo/video sharing. It is considered as the most growing website yet. It is an absolutely app-based social media platform; whether on computers, people use different tricks to use its app features.

In the mid of the last year 2018 finally, Instagram has got 1 billion active users per month. This one is a highly visual site on which we may do everything almost as considered to the other sites, for instance, sending text, watching the story, live broadcast, sharing photos/videos, running pages, and many more.

Instagram is highly recommended for youngsters. Also, it can be used for different purposes; especially marketing and pieces of training. Statista clears that 32% of users of Instagram are 18 to 24 years old, while 33% of users are 25 to 24 years aged.

5. Tumblr:

After the above sites, Tumblr is another website that is continuously being popular. It provides different communities, whether people join Tumblr in order to get participate in cultural dialogues.

Majority users do this type of activity on Tumblr to increase their ideas. Especially for self-expression, any other sites cannot beat Tumblr all the way. Certainly, teens and adults both highly prefer this social media site.

In January 2019, Tumblr had 456.1 million blogs on which 168.4 billion people were doing the regular posting. 32% population of this site has especially come from the USA, and the rest is belonging to the world.

6. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is the type of social media site that is specially made for professionals. It is one of the most famous social media sites and apps. It carries a B2B audience, and it is rapidly grown every year.

In 2019 there were 610 million members noted here. This platform actually gives you a chance to communicate professionally. Even users present their portfolios and search for jobs. LinkedIn introduces its app recently, which is most easy to use.

7. Pinterest:

A highly visual and virtual scrapbooking social media site is non-other than Pinterest. Through this site, people can add images, make themed boards, and design products. Often companies create purchasable pins by Pinterest; through these pins, buyers can shop easily.

250 million monthly active users were noted in 2018 that were using this featurism website. Meanwhile, 175 billion pins have been created by the users over three billion boards.

8. Reddit:

Reddit is also a part of social media on which users especially come for getting engage with other users on the same topics. This social media site is also called a news aggregator site because here, people share their news by collecting different sources.

Additional users come here to interact with different news after that they start upvote/downvote and comment. Reddit has a great number of the audience; about 1.64 billion users are using Reddit.

In Reddit, more than 38% of users are American based, and the second major contributing country is the United Kingdom. This social media site is not much popular in eastern countries, so this the reason Reddit has 99% organic traffic.

9. Snapchat:

The most attractive and the most convenient social media site is snap chat. After Instagram, snapchat is on the top as visual contents, and 7/10 audience is using snapchat. Actually, snapchat is a popular app, so people prefer this site on the mobile.

It requires your phone number as WhatsApp, and then you may add the number in the snap friend list. It offers you to send a lot of snaps to your friends. Snapchat gets updated evenly similar to the insta and whatsapp.

Recently 186 million users were counted on snapchat; surely, this is a great achievement of a social media site. About one year ago, 2018 snapers were noted by sending 2 million snaps in a minute, and now we can imagine this ratio.

Snap chat is full of filters that can use for capturing pictures and videos. No other social media sites can make you beautiful than snapchat.

10. Tiktok:

From the entire list, I love the most entertaining and naughty social media site tiktok. From name to features, tiktok has a different uniqueness. Actually, this one is a video making and sharing social media app which is retained by ByteDance.

Users can make short clips and by lip-sing on musical tracks. From starting to yet, tiktok has made a lot of ordinary people as a star. In 2017 tiktok was introduced as IOS and an android app at china only.

Later it went viral and got a lot of popularity throughout the world. Tiktok gets updated after time to time, and it offers you to make thousands of kinds of video clips on your desired sound. On tiktok, users can make a 3 sec to 60-second video with several types of filters and effects.

Today, tiktokers are being famous day by day. Not only Chinese or English but this is the only social media site that gives you 75 different languages to understand it well. Tiktok is absolutely free for fun app; you don’t need to spend a single dollar for its usage, but it requires a strong internet connection.

Thousands of people are downloading this app globally, while billions of people are making their videos on tiktok. A tiktok clip is also shareable on other social media sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, YouTube and etc. this awesome social media app is recommended for all ages, and from babies to elders, everybody can use and get fun from this site.

The good news is being famous on tiktok you may earn a lot of money also. For proper knowledge about tiktok earn, please do Google.

11. Likee app:

I don’t think so as a mobile user you did not hear about likee app. This is another video making and sharing social media app like tiktok. The likee app is actually working as the app.

On this app, we can create our individual or group videos in order to share and save. Likee app is also a wondering app that is being popular day by day; truly likee app is getting more users on a daily basis more than tiktok.

The main reason behind its popularity is only its features. Likee is more featured than tiktok or dabbmash, and being foremost on likee app is really easier than tiktok.

On this app, you may easily send a message individually to a video maker. Teens and Elders both highly liking likee app, and fortunately, this app is much glamorous than all any other video sharing apps.

Like app offers us to use hashtags for the videos means full chance to rank videos, and luckily on this app “to follow and having followers” are very easy to get. Through this app, you may get lots of popularity easily.

Getting comments likes, sharing, downloading, and making friends on likee app is very easy to get. On the likee app, users can go live and use different types of filters. Certainly, it offers you to earn some money also; just make interesting videos and increase your fan ratio. By increasing fans, you will automatically able to collect beans and diamonds.

The particular amount of these items (beans and diamonds) will give you a handsome amount.

12. Mix:

Basically, Mix is a social media site that is used for news aggregators. On this site, people collect their desired content from the internet and then save at Mix as their “collection.” In this collection, they are allowed to add articles, images, videos, music, and audios, etc.

On Mix, people can have their Mix friend’s collections after subscribing. Basically, this site calls itself the world’s most wondering and biggest social media sites for art enthusiasts and artists.

Here a person can share his/her art in order to interact with the Mix community. According to the rating Mix has 44 million active accounts, while more than 45 million traffics come here each month.

13. Quora:

I think from each of us, every second person has heard about the Quora site. Undoubtedly this one is the best and famous social media platform. On this, we may have different types of helping answers publically.

Basically, Quora has all things from career and language in order to myth and marketing. In 2018 Quora was rated with 300 million active users and 300 million as traffic on a monthly basis.

Simply Quora is a fine solution for an unknown question. On these social media sites, thousands of experts are always available with satisfying answers.

14. Tagged:

Tagged was introduced as a hi5 social media site in 2011. This site is created for special people. If you are looking for real love or relation, then tagged is an appropriate choice for you.

People come here in order to search for other people and they also may show their interest in gaming, chatting, profile browsing and etc on it.

15. Nextdoor:

Let me tell you a private social media network that is a highly dedicated and full neighborhood. By entering a street address on nextdoor site, you will have your nearby people from this platform.

In the starting nextdoor was only available in America, but now nextdoor can be used from different parts of the world, including; U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Sweden, and Denmark.

16. Meetup:

Meetup is an admirable social media site that works the same as its name. It actually helps people to connect with new people.

It offers different well organized chatting groups; also, these groups are highly famous for the events. In these events, people can meet up and set their goals easily. There are several types of categories in the meetup groups such as; adventure, photography, language, music outdoors, culture, music, and more.

Americans are highly using meetups in order to get entertainments and to relate with different people. This social media site has 53% of the American population, 7.25% U.K population, and rests are other.

17. ReverbNation:

Undoubtedly ReverbNation is one of the reputable social networking sites. This site is specially created for musicians or music lovers. This connective site offers them to promote their music to a great number of audiences.

Not only publicity, but they can earn handsome money by selling their songs to their fans. From start to today, ReverbNation gave backup to several musicians. Not only selling, but this social media site offers a lot of music features with a host tool.

Finally, now an ordinary musician can create his/her music and built his career by Reverbnation.

18. Flixster:

Flixster is the second prior social networking site for the musicians after ReverbNation. This social media site was created a few years ago in America, and within a short time, it got a lot of popularity.

On Flixster, film fans can connect with similar mentality leveled people. A film lover especially joins Flixster, and they share their watching experience and different reviews regarding films. This social media site is popular in the cinema world, whether it is regularly being updated after upcoming movies.

19. Goodreads:

Here we have another social media niched site that is named Goodreads. By the name, we can easily conceptualize that this site is specially designed for the readers. On this site, readers can relate to each other in order to share their idea and knowledge.

Surely a book worm will be happy by login on to this social media site because here is an ocean of book recommendations based on several stories.

Book lovers get chances to join computer-generated reading clubs whether individual minds really learn socialism.

20. CaringBridge:

A different type of social media site that has a variety of media features is the only caringbridge. This site has an individual health journal for connecting people to be loved. It also offers a great path of health concerned support.

The owner of caringbridge has specially planned this site for helping people. Professionals recommend this site for those patients who are surviving with death disease or for those who are having a long illness.

Here people can meet up with their similar life survivors and can share or get tips regarding their health issues.

21. Wattpad:

If someone is highly interested in reading or writing something, then wattpad social network is the best option for him/her. This is the best communicative social media site that is specially created for the same minded people (writer/readers.)

Hundreds of people write their stories/idea and share on wattpad. Their wording could be any type of including; poetry, event fan fiction, fiction, humor and etc.

22. Viadeo:

Viadeo is a professional social site where businessmen and entrepreneurs connect. They actually interlink with the same category person and get help in different business strategies.

Viadeo is available in multiple languages, including English, French, Portuguese, and German. This business helping network is most popular in European and U.S.A countries.

23. Crunchyroll:

This yummy name is especially called for a social media platform that is made for the anime fans. On this site, anime enthusiasts can be social and go to live to stream.

People come here to read famous manga, whether learners can get a lot of advantages from the experts.

24. Twitch:

Twitch is the best social media site for game lovers. This site is mostly used by gamers for their live streaming. Here players come and show their video games stunts and playing tips.

Recently I have seen people on Twitch by selling their gaming accounts and devices. On this site, we may easily communicate with other gamers and know their reviews. Ratings tell that 2.2 million people are using twitch broadcasting, and 140 million users are highly visiting Twitch.

25. Skyrock:

France has launched a social networking site for a unique purpose. Actually, on Skyrock, people can make their personal blogs and profiles to interact with each other.

This is the most entertaining site for freelancers. On Skyrock, sports, movies, music blogs are highly invented blog categories.

26. MyHeritage:

MyHeritage is an admired genealogy-based website, which has social media features. Here users can make their family trees by uploading their photos and history.

This website is best for those who want to know about their dynasties and their deeds. MyHeritage social media website is also known as DNA website; because now users can test their DNAs in order to get the right idea about their families.

Undoubtedly MyHeritage is a good source for all those people who have been lost. Even often, people are getting major helps to find their ancestors/offspring due to this site.

27. Livejournal:

Live journal is a unique social media site that is designed as blog-based. Here users can make their desired blogs for other people. Later, traffic comes here to get advantages from these blogs.

Here creative blogs get popularity. Livejournal website is working as a helping hand for many people. On this website, lots of journal communities are available where you can make yourself acknowledge under the guidance of journals.

28. VK:

Recently Russia introduces a different type of social media platform named VK. Despite being a Russian website, VK is also available in multiple languages. Russian people love to use VK.

Here we may create public pages; groups send messages and organize different events. Even VK offers you a versatile service of photo/ video/audio sharing. On browsers, VK has different games also. This Russian website is full of entertainment and having similar features like facebook.

29. Classmates:

By reading the name, everyone can conceptualize the purpose of classmates. This is also a social media site that is specially made for the students.

By using this site, you can found your ex-class fellows, whether you can be connected with your school/college/university’s alumni easily. Is it is a wonder? The majority of people have lost their best fellows by stepping ahead in their lives, but now classmates are available to get your best mate back.

30. Bubbly:

Generally, bubbly is a chubby website similar to its name. This is a voice-created social media website. Now you don’t have to call your friends individually, but by using bubbly, you can create voice notes and tag your multiple friends.

By this voice, users can customize their adorable pictures, images, and filters also. Bubbly is also used by a lot of artists and celebrities; they especially join this site to convey their voice messages to their fans.

Bubbly posts can be shared on different social media sites also; for example, twitter and facebook.

31. Soundcloud:

Soundcloud is the most favorite social media website for music lovers. Through this website now everybody can listen and share music. It gives you a chance to upload your own composed tracks for others.

Millions of users are using SoundCloud because this is absolutely free, and the sound quality is amazing. Playlist and like options are available here; Now you can play and save your favorite tracks here. By clicking heart;  listen to one track completely and save the track forever.

On SoundCloud, you can share your favorite music tracks and playlist to your friend.

32. Flicker:

Personally, my favorite social media site for photo sharing is the only flicker. It has a variety of images and photographs that are best for personal blogs.

Flicker is loved by professionals (photographers and web-designers) this web site provides you to share your quality images here for reuse. Flicker has millions of traffic ratios on a daily basis. People often come here and get satisfaction for, relevant, and superb quality images.

Here are connective groups, in which you may join and get different shared images by group mates.

33. Weheartit:

Weheartit is another photo-sharing social network similar to Flicker. Here people come especially for having their desired images to save in their collections.

Weheartit is designed with a lot of channels, on which users can get entertainment and can get a variety of pictures. In the range of Weheartit channels, we may have art, music, school, quotes, and more.

A user can explore each channel easily for best pictures, and yes, these images are enough to inspire anyone.

34. Influenster:

Webmasters have introduced a genuine solution for your doubt. Now we are presenting an authorized social media platform named Influenster. On this, you may get true reviews of people for particular products.

This platform has a great range of product categories, including; health, beauty, tech, and home appliances. Not only you can read these reviews but also share your personal experiences by giving a review.

Influenster measures your social media impacting and collect all your data from other social media accounts. By this analyzing a user can get proper help for the marketing campaigns.

35. FilmAffinity:

FilmAffinity is an interesting social media platform for all movie enthusiasts. It gives you the best movie recommendations for your choice. Here we can rate a movie after watching and can share over the personal idea for a film.

36. Yelp:

Yelp is another social media source for having reviews, but it works publically. On this website, people come and give their options for their nearby establishments.

Simply no, we don’t have any need to take worry. With the help of Yelp we can find real recommendations for the events surrounding.

37. Collegehumor:

By name, we can easily get an idea that Collegehumor is specially created for students; but fortunately, now teachers also can get help from this website. This social media website is carrying fresh humor content, audios, and video sessions on a daily basis.

With all these materials, everyone can get help easily. You may join CollegeHumor with your team to submit a lot of things, including; memes, articles, photographs, videos and many more.

38. Gaiaonline:

Gaiaonline is an expressive social media website that themed with anime. On this site, users can contribute to anime trends through forums. Users can easily do conservations and share their anime designs with each other.

Often users join Gaigaonline to relate with new people in order to play browsing-based games.

39. Opendairy:

Undoubtedly open diary is the oldest social media site which was created 1989. Here we can add over virtual records such as; ideas, experiences, lives and multiple thoughts.

Make sure your all recorded things will be social. On this site, everybody can see and interact with you easily. For sharing your data, there is no need for a name; even Opendiary offers you to share anonymous posts and many more.

Later people will like/dislike these things and can interact with you in order to have your thoughts.

40. Mocospace:

Mocospace is a social media platform that is highly demanding by youngsters. It works as a mobile app and provides communicative features. On the Mocospace public come here to intermingle with others by chat rooms and group chats.

Here private chat option is also available, where you may have your best relationship. Mocospace is one of my entertaining platform on which I play mobile games and send eCards to my friends.

41. CouchSurfing:

Couchsurfing is the most beneficial website for travelers. This website is working all over the world, and it connects us with other travelers. With the help of Couchsurfing, you can discover a lot of destinations and set visit your exciting places.

The majority of people use Couchsurfing to find out their mates (especially those who go alone.)

42. Funny or die:

Convenient, entertaining, and humor-based social media website is only funny or die. This site is emphases visual contents, especially. Here people can have modern trending videos and can share their humor videos.

Not only videos but in order to keep sensibility, funny or die allows you to publish humorous articles. All the articles and videos can be shared with the public for popularity.

43. Italki:

Italki is the most helper website for language learners. People join Italki for learning and teaching different languages. It offers you to make video calls for proper conversations.

Through the Italki platform, people can interact with each other. Here people come and give hearings to the other audience, while people use Italki for multiple translations. Today this social media site is helping a lot of people and making their tasks easy to understand.

44. eToro:

If you are looking for a trading platform online, then eToro is only the best choice. This site permits its users to follow and connect major traders in their communities; means, now you will not miss a single trader of your area.

Users can also earn some extra income by having other traders copy their trading strategies and portfolios.

45. Xing:

Xing is a career-making (European-focused) social media platform. This site is created for helping jobless people. On xing you may expand your professionalism and find great networks concerning

This site has a variety of job resources by which users can apply and get their desired jobs easily. Xing is always updated by recent industry posts. You may explore great events here such as; conferences, seminars, and trade show.

46. Meetme:

Meetme or MyYearbook are two different names of one site. On meetme, depressed people come and look forward to their matches. Not only you and I, but meetme offers all to relate with their anticipated personalities.

After having anyone else on meetme, we may share a lot of ideas and feelings with each other.

47. Ravelry:

Ravelry is a popular social media website. Actually, it runs publically and has a variety of niches. Here people come to and enjoy their searches. On this website, professionals, and beginners, both are available.

Each member has a different experience and a different field almost. You are always welcome on this dedicated social media site to encouraging yourself. From Ravelry, a lot of people have learned different things and got inspiration from others.

48. Care2:

Care2 is my favorite social media site because it works actively for active users. Here we can found several types of trending stories with petitions throughout the world.

Care2 is highly recommended for newbies by this site. They can have betterment. Today care2 has 45 million active populations, which all are ready to fight against injustice.

49. YY:

YY is a China-based social media site, and it is considered in the world’s biggest social media sites. People join YY to get a lot of entertainment, whether it gives you a great chance for sharing video content, to the public.

China has a great population, and YY has more than 300 million users, respectively. On this, we can make group chats and share our different thoughts. YY is similar to the twitch this interesting social media site is also popular for its video sharing.

For effective service, you may get an idea about this site from the Karaoke app.

50. Vero:

Vero is a community based social media site. Here people can come and share their contents with the community. In the range of sharing kinds of stuff, we may take songs, books, photos, video clips, and full form movies.

Vero is the absolute best social media platform for social people. On this site, often people got their real-time partners also, whether people come here to date someone.

Vero is a real-time social media website that gives you a lot of features, but it does not carry algorithms and data mining.

51. Medium:

Here we have an amazing social media website at the bottom that is a content publishing website. It is connected with other social network fundamentals also. On medium, users can make and publish content to share publically.

Medium gives you an option of “clap to” for the appreciation of a post. Further, a meme can comment on different posts. Medium offers you to read free articles, but sometimes it requires a little paid-ship for certain articles.

52. Giphy:

Absolutely Giphy is derived from GIFs. This website is full of responsive features concerning animations. It is a totally humor based social media platform.

On Gipgy we may upload and explore our favorite GIFs for different purposes. People can show their reactions on particular GIFs, whether they may share your GIF on their other social media accounts.

53. Tribe:

Last but absolutely not least social media of our list is Tribe. It is a cloud-based community social media site. Here brand communities can easily connect with consumers. People specifically come here and interact with different brands.

Tribe actually offers you a lot of advent features by which you may get a lot of popularity and help. On this site, we can follow several types of brands, whether to ask questions and can make conversation from these brands.

Surely these brands will let you know about creating polls and will solve your relevant issues.


Our collection for the best and popular social media sites (2019-2020) is given above. A marketer, buyer, or those who are looking for exploring best on social media then, this selection will help them out definitely. 

Many of these are primitive and interesting social media sites, which are enough to expand your knowledge and sell. Each site has a different specialty; for further ideas, please look above. Each website is carrying a significant value globally that you may see on the internet.

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